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We moved from Missouri to Delaware and used this company because of its reasonable price and the good review I saw on the website With my experience, I suspect the review on this website is filtered. I will know if my review will show up. Damages and missing items at delivery 1. One office chair is deformed with one leg twisted and hence cannot land on the floor evenly 2. The tempurpedic king size spring boxes are damaged at corners and one spring box has a long cracking on the top. 3. One night stand is broken at the neck and is completely unusable 4. One book case is completely broken and unusable. 5. My stainless steel trash cash is badly dented and cannot recover. 6. Two plastic boxes are missing 7. Two dinning table extension leaves are missing, which makes my dinning table much less desirable because now it can only fit six people instead of ten. 8. Both my king size and queen size mattresses were dirty when arrived Sales person: He is friendly and give me some discount. Discourage me to purchase the full value replacement plan. Hence I chose the basic coverage. Now I don't know how much I can get back for the damaged furniture Pick up team: It is a three- person crew. One person mostly did the inventory and paper work and the two others did packing and moving. I was originally impressed by the way my sofa was wrapped and hence trusted them with the rest. But there was one book case having a broken leg. I suggested removing all three other legs so that it would be even. They said there was no need to do so and said that the book case would be fine. However, I regretted that I didn’t insist because the bookcase arrive completely broken. I also regretted that I didn’t pay attention how they wrapped my dinning table because I lost two of my dinning table extension leaves, which was the main reason I bought the dinning table for. Delivery team: Compared to the pick-up team, the delivery team was rude and unprofessional. 1. Sloppy about their delivery time; be aware of hidden waiting fee ($150 per hour if you let them wait); however there is no fee paid to you if they are not punctual. I called the driver several times to figure out when they would arrive. Twice they gave me false information. First time, they said they should arrive in one day and would call me within 24 hours before arriving. However, they never called and didn’t arrive on the day they said so. So I called again and they said they would arrive around noon to oneish. Then around noon time, I called again, they said they were having lunch break and would not arrive until two. Because the driver never gave me an accurate time window, I thought I would have time to go grocery stores to buy some water and ice cream to treat the delivery team. While I came back to my house, they have waited for 10 minutes and they said they needed to charge me $150 waiting fee. I was upset and said they were changing the time all the time and now they wanted to charge me for waiting for 10 minutes after I have been waiting for them to give me an exact delivery time and date for days. Finally he agreed not to charge me for that 10 minutes but asked me to pay in cash or money order before they can unload. It was my mistake that I didn’t get my money order ready. Then I paid $150 to learn the difference of the postal money order and bank money order. At the pickup, they accepted the bank money order and hence...

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