Cost of Full-Service movers

Average Cost of Full-Service Movers & Packing Services

The most stressful life situations, according to psychologists, are divorce, death, and moving. Since moving is the third most stressful life situation that individuals will face during their lifetime, it is no wonder why so many make the choice to hire expert, full-service moving and packing from a reputable moving company.

Graebel Van Lines® is a leading moving company that provides full-service moving and packing services for not only residential moves, but corporate moves as well. Our professional movers and packers offer the finest full-service moving experience that includes complete packing and moving of all your belongings from door-to-door.
In order to get a better understanding for the average cost of full-service movers and packing services, the American Moving & Storage Association has some average annual statistics:

  • The average cost of an interstate move is $1, 170.
  • The average cost for moving out of state is $5, 630.

These numbers come from the average weight and per pound price calculated by the total amount of annual moves. Although the aforementioned numbers take into account all kinds of moving and packing services, the majority of American homeowners opt for basic moving services.

So what is the average cost of full-service movers & packing services?

For Residences: Full-service moving is calculated depending on the number of rooms you have in your home, which can help calculate roughly how much your belongings will weigh in total. The following numbers are based on the average household weight per pound, per amount of rooms a house has.

2-bedrooms (5, 200 lbs): 100 miles = $4, 000, 500 miles = $4, 800, 1000 miles = $5, 600

3-bedrooms (7, 800 lbs): 100 miles = $5, 700, 500 miles = $6, 800, 1000 miles = $8, 100

4-bedrooms (10, 400 lbs): 100 miles = $7, 500, 500 miles = $8, 900, 1000 miles = $10, 500

5-bedrooms (13, 000 lbs): 100 miles = $9, 100, 500 miles = $10, 100, 500 miles = $12, 900

If you are moving over 1, 000 miles, you will want to discuss further plans with Graebel Van Lines® long distance movers, or international movers if you are moving from overseas. Graebel Moving can streamline the international moving process and coordinate a door-to-door full-service international move, as well as clear your shipment through Customs and make sure that everything is properly crated and inventory labeled for tracking during the entire process.

Are you a business looking for full-service movers and packing services? Then you should know that the average large corporation spends $16, 229, 125 on moving each year, according to UrbanBound’s Relocation Statistics Every Business Should Know. But, where do the numbers come from? The answer is simple – moving employees. With the average cost for moving an employee at $97, 000 for current employees who own homes, $72, 000 for new employees who own homes, $24, 000 for current employees who rent, and $19, 000 for new hires who rent – you will always want to weigh your odds for moving an employee to a new location or long-distance.

If you are simply looking for full-service moving for a business that is not grandiose, you may not reach the $16 million mark, but you can expect the move to be well over $10, 000, depending on how far you are moving your business and how much inventory, supplies, furniture, and décor you have.

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