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Interstate move from Illinois to New Mexico

My husband and I chose Moving Service Group Inc to do our interstate move mid January 2017. In working with our rep Ted Hasller we have been promised a bunch of things that somehow never seemed to make it to the official quote. He always seemed to have a good excuse as to why he didn't email it to us. At the time it seemed genuine, so we waited and waited and when it didn't arrive, he shared something personal i.e. he had a son, his mother in law passed, he took a day off to help his wife...So we thought, ok, no big deal, it was all verbally confirmed and he will send us everything in a couple of days. In the meantime we made the mistake of paying a $900 deposit which was required to hold the date of our move.

After not hearing from him for days, we got suspicious and started frantically calling to no avail. and finally we learned 36 hours before our interstate move that Ted is no longer with the company. You cant imagine the level of stress and additional cost that this entailed.

In spite of this, to this day Reggie, the only other person who's name we know, refuses to pay us our deposit back. The nye call you get voicemail and no one seems to know anything.

PLEASE DO NOT do business with this company. Companies like this should be put out of business for being dishonest.

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