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Top 145 Reviews and Complaints about National Moving Group

National Moving Group was a true disappointment. They contract out different movers to do the actual moves and Oleg Van Lines, Inc moved my things. Not dependable, not reliable, not truthful. I have moved 14 times in the last 17 years and this is THE WORST company I've ever worked with. That's the short answer.

Long answer: For National Moving Group's benefit, I would review Oleg's performance and their website's customer reviews as they are all negative. I would eliminate them from your manpower workflow as they are giving National an even worse name. I found National Moving Group on the Consumer Affairs website, going through the 'which mover is best for you' survey.

I called and spoke with Jeffrey ** who was very helpful in going through all the items I had to be moved. He gave me a quote and noted that he'd call back in a few days after I had reviewed my things again at home and would re-evaluate the numbers if anything changed. Very helpful. I did have a few more things so a few days later we spoke and he gave me a new estimate. I have not heard from Jeffrey since nor could I reach him directly, after numerous messages during this awful process, to talk to him about Oleg Van Lines, Inc. Along with Jeffrey disappearing, and because of my negative experience with Oleg, National Moving Group is receiving this negative review.

Oleg Van Lines, Inc.: I worked with Eric at Oleg whose professionalism is nonexistent. He came to pick up my belongings in Brooklyn on a Saturday with two additional movers, one of whom was his 15 year old son(?!?!). Once all was packed into the truck we talked about delivery timing. First, he said all my things were going to New Jersey that night to be transferred to a different truck with items for other moves along the route. That's always a concern as moving from truck to truck adds the possibility of damaging and/or losing goods. As National Moving Group rep, Jefrey **, told me the route would be an estimated 3-10 days.

Eric told me they "don't know what the heck they're talking about - they're in Florida and don't know how this works; they just get the initial move going." So, to 'help out' he said he would make sure my things would be put on a truck that Monday for a delivery to my new home in SC on Tues/Wed. "Don't worry, I got this! I've talked to the mover, it's happening!" he said. He also said he's been "doing this for almost 20 years" so he knows what he's doing. Ok. Sure.

He gave me the number to Alex, the driver of my belongings, so I could check in from time to time. I texted both Eric and Alex two days later (Monday) to check in and they said they didn't get my things on the first truck but would be loaded on the next truck in 48-72 hours. That means a later arrival and a completely different route schedule with other moves. Not promising. They said they hoped to get things to me the following Saturday/Sunday. Side note - I'm starting a new job that Monday, which they have no concern for whatsoever.

I check in a couple days later to learn that the truck broke down. I actually spoke with Alex and he said, "The truck will be ready by Monday and we'll try and get things to you that night." I pushed my new job start date until later in the week to anticipate this delivery. I write a text to both Alex and Eric and Eric writes back (verbatim), "Cross country moving involves a lot of details and yes trucks that are on the road without service results in break downs and requires repairs, it's not uncommon." What?! This is a moving company and this is what you are expected to do - trucks should be routinely serviced so breakdowns do not happen. This is what we pay you to do, to move our things safely within the expected timeline. This is a complete disregard to your own delivery expectations much less our, your client's, expectations.

Eric texts later that the truck "will be ready to leave by Tuesday or Wednesday" and an estimated ETA of Wed/Thurs. A different answer than Alex's Monday answer. I wait and on Tuesday I ask how many moves are before mine. Eric responds, "I believe 4-5." How he expected the truck to make 4-5 stops before mine between Tuesday and Wednesday is beyond me. For someone who boasts that he's been doing this for 20 years and knows what he's doing, that's crucially underestimated.

Days pass and I check in with Alex via phone on Saturday. He's in Myrtle Beach and will be at my apartment the next night (Sunday) between 5-7 pm. Yay! I call him again on Sunday at 7 pm and he's still in Myrtle Beach (thanks for the warning, Alex) but will deliver the next morning (Monday) at 7 am. I call him at 8 am Monday and he's just waking up, "oh I'm so tired. I need to wash my face." Unbelievable, yet not a surprise AT ALL. He says he'll be here at 9 am. Then changes it to 10 am. I explain that I have taken a day off of work, a job I have just started, and all I am doing is waiting for my things to show up. He showed up at 11 am.

Other than the 4 duffel bags they tried to deliver to me that weren't mine, I believe I received everything. A table had a gash on the rim and my new coffee table had two large gouges on the edge. Two large plastic bins were obliterated with memorable items hanging out the side. Half of my boxes were either semi-crushed or split open. Boxes marked 'fragile' were delivered and placed upside down. Too annoyed to file a claim so, National, no need to send me your blanket statement response to contact you during normal working hours. My advice, if you want a trustworthy mover that cares about your things, valuable or not, don't use Oleg and don't use National.

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