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feedback on AAA consumers relocation services (packing, moving

I have not used it but did fill out an on-line form for moving and received TONs of estimates, all over the board from many companies who had no idea of what stuff I had. So, just a warning, do not go with an estimate if they do not see your stuff first.

And look at the charge per pound. Its better to pay less per pound and not have a discount e.g. 1000 pounds at $3/per pound = $3000, than to pay more per pound with a big discount e.g. $6 per pound, still 1000 pounds, but with a 50% discount, still = $3000. However, when they weigh your load and its really 2000 pounds, for the first cast, the extra cost is $3000. For the second case its $6000...and there is no discount once they 'get ya'. I had lots of estimates with very low weights and very high cost per pound with major discounts. They were giving low bids over all, but they were gonna get me in the end. Do not take a 'discount' have them lower the cost per pound.

If ya go with AAA, ask them how they will schedule movers to look at your stuff and get an estimated weight. A heavy bedroom set verses a light one can cost you a lot in the weight overage if they do not see your actual furniture your estimate is more likely to be off.

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