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Where to even begin. Well, like many others we heard about these guys on KFAN and they sounded like a good moving company. We moved back in 2014 and had all our items stored in 8-9 vaults for around 18 months in their warehouse as our family moved out of the country. Contrary to what they state, our items were not inventoried when we moved so we had to email them after the fact to have this done. We wanted to be able to get items from our vaults periodically when we were back in the country and it's nearly impossible to find items if you don't know which vault they are in. First off, they charge $60/hour minimum to take your vaults down for you to look inside. Because they did not inventory our items at the time of the move, they had to take all our vaults down, empty them, and inventory. So when the time came to have our items returned to us, surprise items were missing! In fact, over $10, 000 worth of items were missing.

When we contacted AAA about this, at the very beginning they were responsive and seemed willing to help. That lasted for about 2 weeks, after that it was almost impossible to get them to respond (see other reviews who had similar customer service issues). I was finally fed up so I showed up on site, and was told to come back in a few days and the warehouse manager would help. When I came back, all the vaults we used previously had been lowered. This was all for window dressing, because the warehouse manager told me that there was no point in looking at the other vaults after I had looked through one and our items were not in there. This wasn't surprising, by this point these vaults had been re-used. It was obvious that our items were likely lost at the time they were emptied to be inventoried.

After dealing with this mess for over 4 months and receiving almost no responses to our weekly inquiries, I finally received a call from "Brent" who assured me he would handle the issue like all the others before him had stated. I had several conversations with him, and he told me that if nothing else, AAA had "insurance" that paid out 60 cents on the dollar. Like almost everything we were told by AAA, this was inaccurate. We come to find out they pay 60 cents based on the weight of the items, so they generously offered to pay us $600 on our items valued at $10, 000. The owner emailed us back and pointed out that we had signed the disclaimer pointing out this fact, which we no doubt did. However, we were told to "sign here, sign here, sign here" at the time of the move which we did. We were not verbally told what would happen if they lost or damaged our items, which they routinely do based off of customers reviews.

These people are total scammers, they hide behind boilerplate language after they lose or damage your items. The owner, "John", emailed his resolution and in the course of these email exchanges stated numerous things that were factually inaccurate, which we can prove by our own correspondence. Now we have to go through small claims court and/or the BBB just to try and get a reasonable resolution.

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