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Advantage Moving and Storage

222 Railroad Ave
Milpitas, CA 95035
(408) 935-9115

I had an ideal, timely, and well organized experience with Brian and his team. I recommend Advantage Moving and Storage with full confidence and trust. I could not have hoped for better service or overall experience. They exceeded what I thought was possible. After having a nightmare with an Atlas affiliate, Brian and his team responded immediately and put a plan in place to move my household goods across the country at a great price and with no issues whatsoever. To be clear, Advantage Moving and Storage has nothing to do with Atlas. Advantage Moving and Storage is who I called after an incredibly dishonest nightmare with Atlas. This is a long overdue review. I wish I could give Brian and his team 10 stars. Thank you, once again, for such a great experience and doing everything possible to make my moving process an easy one. I will use you again and moving forward.

Moving Made Easy. Pros: Handled the heavy lifting with a minimum of fuss. Reasonable cost. Cons: Grease marks ( but they weren't permanent ) Stars: - Overall: 4 1/2 - Scheduling: 5 - Promptness: 5 - Thoroughness: 5 - Helpfulness: 5 - Precautions: 4 - Cleaning: 3 - Cost: 5 - Value: 5 Moving is hard. Maybe one of the hardest things anyone can do. And that's especially the case when the person moving is a senior. My mother, 88, was living at the Atrium of San Jose ( since bought by the Brookdale chain of retirement homes ) near the Oakridge Mall when it became necessary to shift from a large one bedroom end unit on the top floor with a view of the mountains to a smaller one bedroom and save almost 25% per month in rent. We had the help of friends, but management of the facility suggested we get assistance from a firm called Gentle Transitions since they specialize in moves for older people and did a very good job for others at the Atrium during the past several years. Gentle Transitions handles the packing and unpacking, but they contract with local movers for that portion of the process. In San Jose, they use Advantage Moving of Milpitas. Advantage did a very good job. Gentle Transitions began to pack things at 8 AM on a Saturday in my mother's old apartment. Advantage followed at 9 AM and delivered the goods from one end of the complex to another as a steady stream of dollies hauled her bed, chairs, couch, dressers and lamps as well as books, clothing and all sorts of odds and ends needed for a full life. The process moved as seamlessly as possible. Pack...move...unpack and repeat. To the best of our knowledge, everything reached the destination without harm or hassle. The one blemish was several grease marks accidentally left on the new carpet. However, Joe, the guy in charge from Gentle Transitions, got some spot remover from a store and wiped the stains away. The crew of 3 from Advantage Moving led by Matt was friendly, helpful and literally did the heavy lifting. They were fine. The only issue we had was the grease. Do they normally lay drop cloths on areas where the haul might cause a problem? Overall, Matt and the guys from Advantage Moving met the criteria to earn 4 1/2 stars, including: - Flexibility with the calendar ( worked on a Saturday ) - Arrived on time - Explained what needed to be done before doing it - Completed the work with a minimum of fuss and delay - No damage to the furniture - Hard working - Charged a reasonable price ( $600...known in advance ) Based on this experience, we'd recommend Advantage Moving of Milpitas. Just make sure they protect any sensitive floor coverings.

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