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The Affordable Movers

8350 Ep True Pkwy
West Des Moines, IA 50312

I needed a treadmill and trunk moved and couldn't have been more pleased with the guys from Affordable Movers. They were punctual, efficient, and affordable (no false advertising here). I definitely recommend that you call Affordable Movers.

I had an "mixed" experience with this company. I will give the good and the not so good, which led to my 3 star rating. Good: On packing day Raul the owner showed up with another man - Glen I believe. They did a fast and good job of packing all that could be packed. He told me to get way too many boxes, but I am hoping to return them for a credit. He told me where to get good boxes cheaply and I do appreciate that also. They were all polite and pretty careful with antiques and non-antiques. I noticed a couple of dings to the drywall at the old place once I went back to look it over, but all in all they were careful. They were on time on packing day and early on moving day, which was OK. Their fee was fair compared to other movers I checked anyway. The Bad-Not So Good: I had Raul give me an estimate before I had MANY items taken out, from furniture to smaller items. I was on a tight budget, so I gave three large furniture pieces and many other things which would have had to be packed and moved to a local auctioneer. I called Raul to come back and look at the place *after* I had furniture and many smalls removed, to see what I hoped would be a lower estimate. He came and basically said he did not know if it would make that much difference, which I felt was odd and also disappointing. Moving Day: This is when things got weird and not as good. Three guys came: Glen, who was there on pack day and two young guys in their 20's I would guess. Raul I was told was not working that day. That was fine with me. I had problems with these things: 1. They had to disassemble an electric bed and a day bed and yet they had from what I could tell, next to no basic tools with them. When it came time to move the LazyBoy chairs, (which anyone who has moved one or had one knows the back slides off and then you can move it easier, with the base being separate and back separate). The one young mover did not know how to take the back off and when he needed a screwdriver to unlock it said he had none. I gave him one of the three I had on hand and showed him how it worked. I cannot imagine being a mover and not have pliers, a screwdriver and just those kind of basic things with you in case you needed them. Loading went OK, and they were pretty fast also. I have a very bad back and other health issues, so I was eager to get to the new place and to be able to sit down, since I was in pain after about the first hour. I supervised and told them what to load first and last, so things would be easier at the other place for me. Once we got to the new place (My new apartment is at the top of 18 stairs, which are carpeted and wide and not as bad as most stairs I have seen in other new apartment buildings) they propped the security door open and moved things pretty quickly also. That day was only 82 degrees, so the heat was not a real issue as it could have been. For some reason they could not get the like new daybed frame put back together at the back on one side as it was when they took it apart. It still is not right, but until I can get someone to fix it i have a rod-pin sticking out about 3 inches on one side that should be in. Again, maybe more tools might have helped. As it got late into the day I was aching and hoping they would finish soon. Once they were done is when things went down hill. One of the young men who was taking charge of billing me (I was told I could pay by credit card) had a device he put on his "smart phone." He swiped my card several times but kept getting error messages. Glen tried. It didn't work. NOT MY FAULT. I said, "I can write you a check." They said emphatically, "We don't take checks." I said, "Well I don't have the cash to pay this. Call my bank manager and she will assure you my check will be good." They refused to do that and insisted I drive (close to rush hour traffic time) to the bank with them following. I was irritated, but did not seem to have any choice. I am sure if it had been 6 pm and that happened they would have taken a check! I moved from a nice town home and moved into an upscale WDM apartment complex. It's not like I was a deadbeat or they did not know where I lived. So I got in the car and drove with aching back and very tired to the bank. They followed me. The young "leader" at that point, came into...

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