Air movers for confined spaces

Confined Space Ventilation

When it feels like there’s no room to breathe in your workplace, the proper confined space ventilation equipment, from axial air blowers to fans, can make all the difference. Whether you’re securing sewer systems or piecing together pipeline, any small area can be a threat to your respiratory health through close-range particulates and a lack of adequate ventilation. Positioning an axial blower or confined space fan in tight spots brings a rush of fresh air to your work environment. Here you’ll find some of the most compact designs around, so adding a piece to your equipment set is easy. Make any confined space safe and airy with this selection of ventilation equipment, axial air blowers, and fans.

Environments that require the use of confined space gear have various defining features. These tight areas offer little room to move and have very few passages through which a worker can enter or leave. The space is also not well-ventilated, likely resulting in the presence of hazardous airborne contaminants. As such, these kinds of atmospheres are not hospitable to workers, and therefore work done within such areas should be brief and intermittent.

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