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I have worked with Brad and team in Anchorage on several moves, for many years. I have always found them to be truthful, fair and display good communication. I know that they actually run trucks back and forth from Anchorage down to the lower 48 states, thus offering a class of service unmatched in Anchorage. I'd recommend them to anyone considering a move to or from Alaska.

2 Stars only because the items were properly inventoried in Anchorage, they worked with me on the pickup date, the receptionist is nice, and they sent two people to move my household goods. After that everything went downhill. The overall lack of prompt discourse when a shipment is nearing the last phase is detrimental to the client and the client's ability to rearrange their professional and personal obligations. Royal Alaskan also showed poor judgement and organizational skills by sending one person to a two person job. Neither the driver nor I should have been placed in a position to try to source labor assistance within the hour at the end of a work day. As a customer, I also should not have been placed in a position to assist the driver in order to not extend a simple 27 piece move from 1 to 2 days in length. In essence, Royal Alaskan provided an amateur product at a professional price to which I am highly unsatisfied. I would recommend that Royal Alaskan utilizes the knowledge of their local affiliates and employ better project tracking and management techniques to ensure that they are providing a consistent and quality product to their clients. In short the following was my experience: 1. Only one person (the driver) being dispatched to unload and move household goods 2. The request for the driver (from the office) to ask a stranger off the street for help, my involvement in attempting to source additional labor, and ultimately my providing additional labor services (such as moving boxes from the threshold inside the house, inventory, and lifting of furniture items from the delivery truck to my home) 3. The absence of input from a local carrier affiliate in regards to appropriate delivery vehicles 4. Notification less than 12 hours before delivery. I was called at 2:55 pm Monday that they would be there Tuesday morning and that I could not reschedule with the local affiliate as they did not use a local affiliate, despite that being the understanding I had at the onset and based upon my previous experience with interstate moves 5. Radio silence between Wednesday, March 15 and Monday, March 20 in regards to the changing ETA target (it shifted from 16-20 to 21-22), confirming an ETA, and general operational aspects that could have facilitated better planning. I have a job and I was constantly rescheduling my workdays to accommodate moving ETA targets. 6. The customer initiating the request for the invoice; First request on March 1 and invoice received March 6. I should not have to beg for the bill.

Stay clear of this moving company They stole some of my things They will make light of this. I felt totally violated and I hope others Will stay clear of this company They're very un professional. BEWARE of this company!!!

If you are looking for the most reliable, on time, best movers in town call Royal Alaskan Movers. They have gone above and beyond any mover service we have ever used. They have done everything from office moves, small jobs, a huge house move with large animal mounts and arranged cross country moves with professionalism and great employees J Dunbar

I chose the company because of reasonable quotes. Moving from Delta Junction to Wasilla, most companies quoted the same price as what you would pay from the East Coast to Alaska. I spoke with Mr. Lundy and he set everything up. Moving day came and 2 movers came. Cort and T were very efficient, easy to work with and very professional. We packed the majority of our items but they showed care loading and unloading our house hold goods. We have been moving for 10 years being in the military and this has been one of the easiest moves we've had. When there were some minor hiccups, they were very quick to address and solve them. I would recommend the team who helped us with the move to anyone!

WOLF in sheep clothing! This company seems EXTREMELY capable and kind but are actually unapologetic and careless. We chose this company because they are in charge of big accounts in AK and on the surface they seemed to be better suited for a big move compared to other moving companies available in Alaska. Unfortunately, we were deceived BIG time. I find it to be such a strange coincidence that my very expensive stroller and brand new frame baby carrier went missing. I was told that I would have six months (it's actually 75 days) to make a claim so naturally I filed mine early and naively trusted them to contact me when the claim was coming to a close. GUESS WHAT?! Not only did they NOT contact me but when I finally couldn't wait any longer and contacted them they passed me off to the insurance company who then notified me that my claim deadline was in ONE WEEK! Had I not contacted them I would have missed my deadline and guess what... I would have been out of luck. We buy nice things so we don't have to replace them for years and pass down to a second child... We don't have the money to replace nice things just because a third party misplaced them. Definitely feel like they pulled a fast one on us. We have other pieces of furniture that have been damaged and very poorly packed. In the midst of this I have NEVER EVER heard an apology from the moving company... Even when they have admitted to being careless and feeding me false information. Seriously... how do you lose two large items and not even have the decency to be apologetic?! I am aware that living in Alaska, your options are always limited... but this is just a terrible way to do business. Anywhere else and this company would be bankrupt and neck high in legal issues. Don't you have any pride in what you do?!

They moved us to California. I have never seen worse packing in my life. They wrapped plastic items in rolls of paper, and left fragile items unwrapped and shoved into boxes full of large heavy objects. My copper cookware never even showed up, and most of my dishes and all of our good knives disappeared too. No response from the company. The absolute worst job I have ever seen. They couldn't have done a worse job if they tried.

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