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Interstate move from New York to North Dakota

All in One Moving and Storage lost $2443.86 worth of our household belongings on a move from SUnnyside, Quuens NY to Grand Forks, ND. Bulleted list of complaints:
- My salesman, Alan, told me that they were a door-to-door, A-to-Z moving service and that they did not subcontract. That was a lie. They contracted out my move.

- Alan gave me a specific date they would arrive. The small print actually gives them a 7-14 day window of the requested date. It turns out this is standard in the industry, but Alan verbally guaranteed me a date. That was a lie.

- Somewhere between taking my belongings from NY and contracting my belongings to another company, they lost:
*Custom designed Queen Mattress & Box spring with an $80 waterproof cover.
*Yamaha P-80 Electrong Piano (Touring), Road case and custom-built stand, with several accessories.
*Two, 4-ft tables
*Rubbermaid folding step ladder
*Wooden Corner Desk
*Other random items
*All items lost total $2443.86 in value.

- The driver of the arriving moving truck, Salamon Ben Amor, invited me onto the movign truck to see if I could spot our bed and piano. When I got on, I found pearls, other jewelry of my deceased mother, and books of ours outside of the boxes on the ground of the moving truck. I also saw cigarette butts on the ground of the moving truck.

- The contracted movers unloaded other people's belongings into our home in ND. When I told him they did not belong to us, he shrugged his shoulders and asked if I wished to keep them. I told him of course I didn't. This is a pretty big hint as to what may have happened to our belongings.

-Alan promised me my quote included assembly of my furniture at the destination. That did not happen. That was a lie.
- Several of the boxes that did make it to our destination in ND were completely trashed, and not handled with care.

-I was repeatedly brushed off by customer service.

I went through all legal options available to me per the contract and jumped through their hoops with (who handles all of their "customer service"). In the end, I was offered around $300, which was the total of the $0.60/lb coverage int he contract. I've consulted with 4 different attorneys on this matter, and all of them say it is not worth the time and money that would go into this matter in small claims court. Every one of them suggested my best route is to post what happened in reviews on websites where ALL IN ONE MOVING & STORAGE, INC. solicit. So here I am. My only recourse.

It's worth noting that Owen, the manager of ALL IN ONE MOVING & STORAGE, INC. admitted fault to all of this to me on the phone, and to his insurance company (who I spoke with). AIO does not deny any of these claims. They just deny that they should have to pay to replace my lost items because of the coverage I chose when signing my contract. Unfortunately, under the law, they are correct. Morally speaking, and in terms of a business model, they are dead wrong.

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