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All in the Family Moving and Storage

Interstate move from Illinois to Florida

We used All In The Family Moving and Storage because we were promised that they would take care of our furniture from start to finish and they didn't out source any part of the move. They came, wrapped all our furniture in padded moving blankets and plastic on a recliner. We requested a small truck to make the delivery due to the narrow streets in our complex. They came in a semi, demanded more money because they couldn't get their truck closer to our doorway, an argument ensued and we spent the time on the phone with the company to fix this problem. In the mean time all our furniture was brought up to our condo and unwrapped...on the way out the one mover said "check for damage" and he wasn't kidding...every corner of our dresser was chipped, the headboard wood was scrapped, the headboard top was chipped and the edge of the nightstand was damaged. The recliner had the plastic wrap shredded on the arms and the arms were soiled. Several bins had cracked lids. The new mattress and box spring covers were ripped. An estimate to have the damage repaired was over $900. The company that reviewed our claim offered us $68.00!!! And the driver of the semi said he was not working for AITF Moving and Storage. I have more pictures but there is no room for them!

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