Alternative movers

In my professional opinion, these are the top 3 alternatives to hiring movers in the USA:

Nothing beats the relaxation and quality of hiring movers. Sadly, this peace of mind is a luxury that usually comes with a higher price tag than other ways to move. If you still can’t find a quote that is in your price range, you will want to know your next best options.

1. Rent a Moving Truck & Drive

If you really want to save big on your move, it might be a good idea to consider renting a truck and moving on your own. You can rent a moving truck for a flat fee and this will cost you a lot less than hiring a full service moving company. Every move can be broken down into two components that include labor and transportation. If you rent a truck, then you’ve got the transportation part covered. You might have to bribe some of your closest friends and family to help you load the truck and pack all of your belongings. Even though doing the labor of packing and loading your belongings is not a fun part of any move, it is possible to handle this on your own. A lot of savings come from doing the hard work yourself…remember that!

Renting a truck and taking care of the labor involved in loading is a great way to save big.

Remember that time is money, and nothing is faster than hiring movers.

If you have a tight budget for your move, it makes sense that you would consider all of your options. I hope this article helps you choose the best choice for your situation. For even more cheap alternatives to hiring movers, make sure to check out this post. If you have any questions, then make sure to leave a comment below!

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