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All Around Town Movers Cordova, TN 38016

BEWARE! BEWARE! BEWARE! I used this moving company to move some furniture in May 2014. I informed Don Taylor what items I wanted moved and he quoted me a price. I booked the Company. Big mistake! Once the movers came to my home-I was quoted another much higher price for what I told them to move. I asked why such a difference in price. the movers (Rodney and Catfish) told me that All Around Town Movers contract them to do the moving. They (the actual movers) have their own price they charge. The difference was $215 MORE. I told the Movers never mind-this was not what I was told the cost would be. I had no idea and was never told I had contacted a third party to schedule the move. Then, the mover (in charge) said he would knock off about $40.00 to make it $175.00. Since me and my husband had already taken the day off work (without pay) for the move-we decided to go ahead and pay the extra $175.00. The movers moved our preselected furniture to the new home. After completing the job-one of the movers seemed to be insulted when he did not get a "tip". Oh, did I mention they wanted CASH money upfront. No checks or credit cards. The following day I called Around Town Movers to express my dismay at the untruthfulness of the inital quote I was given to move the furniture. I moved EXACTLY what I was quoted to move. I spoke with Don Taylor and he said "they shouldn't have done that. I will refund your money". After weeks of not hearing anything-I call Don Taylor back. He asked me to email the "contract" the Movers gave me. After numerous attempts to email to a correct email adddress-Mr. Taylor finally acknowledged he received it. Mr. Taylor proceeded to tell me he forwarded the information to "corporate" and a check was in the mail. However, He would not give me back the entire amount-only $50.00. Something better than nothing-but vowed to never use them again. Now, over 5 months later-I am STILL WAITING on that check. Each time I called-i was told "the check is in the mail". Excuse after excuse "didn't have your address, the check was sent back, issue checks at the end of the month, etc.. And to top it all off-Mr. Taylor professes to be a Christian! I have the paperwork proving the inital charge I was quoted would be collected upon completion of work. Nothing I was told was true. BEWARE Do not use this Company unless you are prepared for the surprises that may be in store for you. If I could give them 0 stars I would. A one star is still too good of a rating for this business.

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