Atlanta Peach movers reviews

Atlanta Peach Movers

2911 Northeast Pkwy
Atlanta, GA 30360
(770) 447-5121

I am very highly satisfied. I recommend this company to everyone moving. This company is wonderful. From the quote to the move in - they communicated every step of the way. The quote was reasonable and matched what the final chargers were. Zero surprises. The moving team showed up on time, reviewed the apartment and what was scheduled to go and then went to work. There were two other companies in our complex moving that same day. I was delighted to see Atlanta Peach Movers took great care of me. They wrapped up everything to make sure things arrived safely and undamaged. They recommended I carry a couple of lamps that were fragile and I appreciate them recommending that so I don't have any damage. The supervisor loaded the truck in an organized and structured manner while overseeing the rest of the team and making sure they were on task which they were of course! Compared to the other movers I observed who did not wrap things and just placed items haphazardly on their truck. I'm glad I picked Atlanta Peach Movers!! The team was careful to lay out the red carpet to protect our rug in our new home. They followed me to the new residence so I was confident they were on the job and wouldn't get lost. The supervisor did a great job of explaining everything from how the move was going to be conducted to the detailed paperwork. He helped me understand in simple terms what everything meant so I was comfortable with all the paperwork and procedures. I will use them again in the future and you should too!!

Hired this company to move me. We packed 3/4 of our stuff and somehow packing bill came out to quote which was to pack everything. They maintain they matched quote even though they packed 1/4 of the stuff I asked. Day of move, movers begged us to help and said they would never be able to finish if we didn't. Had to work as if a part of the moving team, even though I expected a stress free move. Also didn't a bring a big enough truck. I had to make several trips back and forth the next day to get everything they left behind. Brought these concerns to their attention for a refund and they have no response. Will not use again.

This was the easiest and best move ever, especially since we moved in a three day window, and on Memorial Day weekend. The movers showed up, did a walk through and got to work. Very professional and courteous. Not one thing broke, damaged or scratched. The SUPERvisor was POPE and we will use his crew again if we ever need to move again. We actually saved money because they were extremely fast and efficient. Definitely worth every penny Thank you again for great service.

We were highly satisfied with Peach tree movers. I called on a Thursday with a 3 day notice for them to move. They called me back with in 15 minutes, with an estimate, and the they could move us on Sunday Memorial Day weekend. Pope was our moving supervisor, super professional and courteous. He did a walk through and also asked lay out of our new home. What we thought was going to be at least a half day But they were so efficient, we were loaded and unloaded with in 5 hours. If we ever need to move again we will be Using Peach Tree movers and Popes crew. Thank you again for the great service also Adam who is the one that set this up for us and was so patient and understanding every time my wife or I had to call with a question.

i have used this company in the past with no issues. On my most recent move customer service was abysmal. The team messed up my kitchen floors in four places while moving my fridge out. I called the office, and they sent a team to review damages. After that review they told me a dollar amount that I would be reimbursed. A month elapsed, and when I emailed to ask about the check I was told it would be mailed. Two weeks later when I called again I was told there was no damage and I would not be receiving any compensation for damages that they caused. Beware.

Consistent and 5 star service every time with both times we personally used them, as well as the last 3 client referrals! Their crews are very personable, hardworking, patient and respectful. The staff ahead of the move consistently communicates with the client as well as the referring party; which was appreciated because we take it very seriously when we refer clients! The internal staff succinctly prepares everyone for the process and all steps involved.

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