az firemen movers

Firemen Movers Flagstaff, AZ 86005

These guys are fast, efficient, friendly, and honest

We just moved from a (highly over-stuffed) townhouse to a new house we bought. When we moved to Flagstaff from Maryland, our household tipped the scales at 16, 600 lbs, which made the cross-country movers (a big-name national company) mightily unhappy. A 5-man crew from the Flagstaff Firemen Movers moved that entire load, start to finish, in just 3.5 hours. That's just a little over *half* the time I was expecting it would take. They choose to view this as part of their physical training, so they (1) are already in good physical shape to start with; (2) work *very* hard, non-stop; (3) are friendly and upbeat; and (4) walk only when they have a load in their arms - otherwise they actually run. (I'm not kidding; they run to go get the next load.) My wife did some research and found that they charge the same per hour as other in-town movers, but they are extremely efficient and fast and so in fact are less expensive by a significant amount. And to top it all off, by my calculations they *under*charged us by about $50. Given the whirlwind of efficiency I'd just witnessed, their honesty, and their positive attitudes, I was happy to give them a whopping tip which they very much deserved. (And I still spent $400 less on this move than I was expecting.)

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