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83 3rd Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11217
(718) 768-7818

There are certain things in New York that everyone knows will suck. L train commutes, mysteriously empty subway cars, the MTA in general, Times Square, DOH ratings at your favorite Chinese food restaurant, and moving. For the last one, at least you can call these guys. Amazingly, with Big Apple you don't have to play "pick two" between professional, friendly, fast and reasonably priced, because they check all the boxes (haha, boxes - moving, dumbass). From scheduling to getting a quote to obtaining insurance to the actual moving day it was the most painless process I've yet seen and I - like many of the masochists that like to play dom-sub in the giant role play called "living in New York" aka "getting fisted" - have moved more times than I care to remember. They were 15 minutes late to arrive, but completed the job 2 hours faster than budgeted, and they're not the least expensive option you can go for, but they're far from the priciest and I'd be willing to bet your dollar goes way further here than it does elsewhere. Their giant yellow truck fits more disassembled particleboard IKEA furniture than you can accumulate in a lifetime.

On time, courteous and did a wonderful job. I was kind of amazed of their exp;ertise in handling the furniture and boxes. I would definitely call them again. Great job boys!

I compared them to OZ and Flat Rate. They're MUCH cheaper. I was concerned that would mean worse service, but that wasn't the case. They did a good job. They moved all my stuff and everything was in one piece. Even my crappy particle board dresser came out ok. They flipped it upside down so the part that did get a little banged up was the bottom and isn't noticeable. The bed had a couple of small scratches, but nothing really noticeable. My old paintings with paint chipping off came out just as well as they went in and none of the glass broke or cracked. Overall, very good. The reasons I gave 4 stars instead of 5: I moved from Manhattan to right near New Brunswick. They left my apt at 2pm. They got there at 5:45pm. They did get hit by a taxi so that took them about 30 min (and I wasn't charged for that) and lets says they needed 30 min to organize their truck after they left my apt. That's still 2.75 hours to get from NYC to New Brunswick. I got there in less than 1.5 hours in a car. I know trucks have to go slower and take special routes, but over 2x longer? Also, they make you sign a bunch of paperwork, most of which is fine, but one of the forms said the customer is required to find them legal parking. I happen to live in a building that found them a spot. But what if i hadn't? What if I couldn't have found them a spot? This is something that customers should definitely know. Even if it's industry standard, it should still be told when giving a quote. That being said, if I move again, I'd use them again.

Big apple was the best experience I had with a moving and storage company . Everything went smoothly I even had my items in storage for about 8 months . Donna has excellent communication skills and making the move date was so easy with her . The movers are amazing and moved everything with ease . I would highly recommend and call them again if I need to move again . Great place !

I have no idea why this company has such great reviews on yelp. I have moved a lot due to school and work in the last 10 years and have dealt with many moving companies in different cities. Big Apple is among the worst I have encountered so far. I had them doing the offloading part of a cross country move. My building required proof of insurance, which took me three phones and two emails to obtain from them. By the way, they charge $30 for issuing the proof of insurance. For the actual move, the good part is that the movers showed up on time. The quote was for three hours (which we paid full amount for) and they finished in around two hours. But our furniture was not in the right place and the boxes were stacked in the most messy and disorganized fashion. Overall a very sloppy job.

If you are looking for movers or a storage facility don't go any further! Johnny and the team at Big Apple are the absolute best. 110% recommended! I was planning on moving into a new house so started to buy furniture. Johnny and his team received and inspected items daily as they came in. He let me know when each item was received and if anything was damaged he'd take care of all the returns. Like all new construction, our project went from 2 months to 6 months. Johnny was so flexible and understanding and made sure everything was safe, sound and taken care of. When it came time to move he labeled everything so the crew could unload and set up everything where it belonged. I (just a regular customer) received the same service that an interior designer gets. I was blown away. Mo and the moving crew were amazing as well. They were fast, super professional and a pleasure to spend the day with. They unloaded everything, set up items and took out all the trash. Everything looked spic and span when they left. So if you are looking for stress free, old school new york service, for extremely fair prices don't look any further. These guys are the best out there and even became friends in the process!

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