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Bridges Bros Movers | Exeter, NH 03833

Bridges moved us from an eight room colonial in Newburyport to a seven room condo in Amesbury. They also held our belongings in between moves, for four days.

The moving crew showed up on time for the move out on 3/30/17. They were organized, pleasant, and efficient. They showed up on time for the move in on 4/3, as well. And this is when the one glitch happened: they brought the wrong truck. I'm still unable to explain how they didn't notice the difference between an empty truck and a full one, especially given that the ride from their facility to our home took about a half-hour. Once they returned with the right truck, the rest of the move in took place smoothly and pretty quickly; about two hours to empty the truck. A bit more detail on the truck issue. I was prepared to ask for a small discount in light of the inconvenience, but the bill presented was $1, 735. This was already discounted from the $1, 900 I was expecting ($1, 500, per the original estimate, plus $100/day for keeping our belongings in the truck for four days), and we were not charged for the time lost due to their mistake. Everything we've unpacked so far, which is most of our stuff, made the move in good condition. I can't speak to their capabilities for a long-distance move, but between our experience and that of our friends who recommended them to us based on their move four years ago, I'd highly recommend Bridges Brothers Movers for any move you're making in the Merrimack Valley area. Professional, courteous, and reasonably priced. I should point out that I never spoke with the estimator or anyone in the office. My wife handled that end of things, and had nothing but good things to say about the experience.

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