Bubble Wrap movers

To Bubble Wrap or Not to Bubble Wrap?

Who doesn’t love bubble wrap? One of the most fun items for the whole family is often considered a packing essential just because it will leave you popping for hours making the move process and even better experience. However, our expert Franklin Park movers decided to share with us some real thought on whether or not you should bubble wrap. Here’s what they said.
Bubble Wrap is Not Exactly Necessary

According from the experts at All My Sons, who offer packing supplies in Franklin Park for those who are moving or just need to pack an item for transport, bubble wrap is not necessary all of the time. For most items in your home, the bubble wrap can be replaced by recyclable stuff you can find around your home, such as old newspapers, towels or even wrapped T-shirts and clothes. For example, when packing your dishes, instead of using bubble wrap, you can wrap each dish in newspaper and cover it with tape. This will also help you save space.
But is Essential for Fragile Items

Franklin Park movers also say that bubble wrap can be of great help for most of your fragile items. For example, it can be used when packing your Flat screen TV, if you don’t have a Flat screen TV packing kit. It can also be used to cover your mirror, picture frames and more. Bubble wrap is also essential in the protection of your items for longer moves.

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