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Thank you for your loyalty and for considering moving with Optimum. Moving can be stressful enough. We're here to make your transition as easy as possible.

The Optimum family of services is available to a large section of the New York metropolitan area. Which best describes you?

and an Optimum Service Representative can help you determine whether your new address is within or outside our service area. Once you've determined that your new location is in the Optimum service area, please follow these steps to help make your moving experience as seamless as possible:

1. Before the Move

  • Equipment Options: You can take your equipment (cable boxes, remote controls, modem and/or router) with you to your new address or request new equipment. If you have a new TV, let our Optimum Service Representative know, and we will ensure you have the right equipment for your needs. Our technicians will reinstall your existing equipment or provide new equipment on the day of your installation appointment.

All returned equipment must be in good working order. Any cable box obtained from Optimum, smart card obtained from Optimum, and remote control obtained from Optimum are the property of Optimum. Lost, stolen, unreturned, or damaged equipment is subject to a non-return fee.

  • Keep Your Phone Number: Depending on your new address, you may be able to keep your existing Optimum Voice number. Let us know prior to your move, and we'll determine if your new address is eligible. Click here for more details.

2. Avoid Missing Calls During the MoveIf you are keeping your Optimum Voice number, you will still be able to access some of your features, even while your phone line is unavailable during the move.

Here are some suggested features you can utilize to ensure you do not miss an important call using the Optimum Voice Homepage:

Please call an Optimum Service Representative to discontinue your Optimum services. Have your new forwarding address handy so we can send you any credit due to you or your final bill.

Please return any equipment that you obtained from Optimum, including your Optimum cable boxes, remote controls and/or cable modems. Note: Lost, stolen, unreturned, or damaged equipment is subject to an unreturned equipment fee.

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