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Moving Labor Services: Cheap Movers to Help Pack & Load

So moving day is coming soon (or maybe it's today). You're starting to realize that loading your moving truck is going to be a bigger job than you estimated. Who knew you could fit that much stuff in a 1 bedroom apartment?

Help Moving

The time has come, you need help moving. We're glad you found our moving labor marketplace and we're confident you'll find cheap moving labor crews that don't cut corners or work slowly to drain the clock (movers that try stunts like that get negative reviews, stop getting jobs, and eventually find their way off of HireAHelper).

The problem is, where do you start your hunt for some move help? Aren't professional moving companies expensive? Are there real professionals listed in the classifieds or is it just a place to find moving scams and subpar service?

Now you know why we launched HireAHelper back in 2007. We saw great places on the web to find books and great places on the web to find airline tickets. What we couldn't find was a safe place to find and hire moving labor (movers without a truck). We decided to give local movers a place to prove their quality in an unedited customer review marketplace. That way, you can use the past moving reviews of real people to sort out the good move helpers from the bad. We also figured that by giving customers clear pricing from each moving labor crew, we could add price competition to the marketplace, to help you get the best deal on cheap movers you can trust.

Moving Industry Revolution

HireAHelper was designed to be the missing puzzle piece to your Hybrid Move (What's a Hybrid Move?) - to be a safe place for you to easily compare quality AND price on local move help, all in one place, from wherever you're moving anywhere in the country - whether you need help moving in Chicago or a Houston moving company. All you need is a zip code and date to see pricing and reviews on the moving labor services in your zip code available on the day you pick. Choose your crew size and have them booked within a few clicks and 5 minutes online. So if you are moving, help yourself to an easier adventure - hire movers that you can trust AND afford.

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