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I've used them to load and unload my moving van 3 times in 3 years and I've always been happy with the experience, even in the sweltering heat the crew did a good job. I've recommended them to 3 friends who used them to load/unload their rented truck from Uhaul and everyone thought they worked hard and were a reasonable price. Also in all of my moves nothing was ever broken or damaged.

What a horrible experience. I will start my review by saying that I was referred to A Christian Touch by a friend who had recently moved. She had a good experience with them so naturally, I assumed I would have a similar experience. I emailed the man who I assume is the owner, Frank, at and received a call from a man named Bobby the next day. I had such a hard time understanding Bobby on the phone. He mumbled, went silent for minutes at a time, etc. Finally, I was able to schedule help with my move and was told "text me the address" at the end of the conversation. I texted the address, but was asked for it again via email the next day because he claimed to have not received it. No big deal, I sent it again. As we all know, house closings never go as planned and my husband and I found out that our move would be pushed back a week. I first contacted Bobby via text to reschedule the Monday before the Saturday they were originally scheduled to help us with our move. A few days went by with no response, so I emailed Bobby to see if he had received my text. Nothing. Finally, I emailed Frank again. After emailing Frank, I suddenly got a text from Bobby saying "That's fine." This was Thursday evening, two days before they were originally scheduled to come help. The next evening (Friday, the day before they were originally scheduled to help) around 7:30 pm, I receive a call from Bobby to confirm that we were rescheduling. During this phone conversation, he was absolutely incoherent (he sounded drunk). Nevertheless, I decided to stick with them. The morning of our move, I received a text from Bobby at 7:30 am saying that he had forgotten all about us and to call him. At that point, my husband was done with them and said forget it. I texted Bobby back and politely told him not to worry about it and that we no longer needed them. I then emailed Frank to let him know how disappointed we were with their service. A while later, I noticed I had a missed call and a voicemail from an unknown number. It was Frank. The voicemail was NASTY. He basically told me that it was my fault and that I had changed on them last minute. He did not apologize or offer any kind of explanation for the horrible service, he simply pointed fingers at me. My husband was very upset and called him back immediately. Surprise, surprise, no response. He left a polite voicemail explaining the situation AGAIN and asked that Frank call him back to discuss. Nothing. My husband and I were left to to move alone. I am six months pregnant so you can imagine how that was...thank God for good friends who come when you call or we would have been in the rain from 8:00 am to midnight. I apologize for such a long review, but I simply feel that any company that uses the word "Christian" in their company title should live up to a certain reputation and set a certain kind of example. This company and the people who work for it are the perfect example of horrible, disrespectful customer service. I highly recommend that you pay a little more for a different moving company.

THEY STOLE MY SONS WII CONSOLE! They also broke an entire box of expensive dishes, one set which was irreplaceable. This occurred on 8/7/2015. I chose this service based on the name "A Christian Touch". They also had some decent reviews on the Uhaul website. I'm a single mother that moved out of state. I desperately wanted a reputable and honest company to help me. Unfortunately, I chose the wrong one. The 2 men that came to help were nice enough, and also showed up on time. However, they dropped a large load of boxes as they were attempting to strap them onto themselves via supports belts. My friend witnessed this happen. One box clearly stated "fragile". Thus, they broke almost the entire box of dishes...some that were irreplaceable. The worst thing though, is that they would steal my little boy's Wii Console. I've called to speak to them and also left emails through their website, but, no response. I have filed a police report and will be filing other complaints against them. How any company can us the term "Christian" to describe them is abominable. DO NOT USE THIS SERVICE! YOU WILL REGRET IT!

I found Christian Touch via Uhaul website. Uhaul goes through I had to rent and drive the rental truck myself. The guys showed up on time and were very helpful. I had under estimated the amount of stuff, I owned and it took them an extra hour or so. Luckily the guys had some extra time.

This company is fantastic! I can't say enough good things about my moving experience with Frank. He got all the information and scheduled 2 guys (Austin and Marshall) to help me move. I wasn't sure it would all fit in the truck. But they used every inch and packed everything inside well. If you want complete confidence in moving, call Frank. I found him when I rented my UHual truck. And I'm so glad I did! Thank you Frank!

Probably the worst moving experience I have ever had. The team seemed very professional and stopped by our apartment well in advance to assess our items prior to the move. We went with the full service move as their rates were very competitive - should have been a red flag for me at a time - too good to be true. The day of the move, they showed up on time but with a truck that to my unexperienced eyes did not appear to be large enough. They estimated w a team of two they would pack the apartment in 6 hours. 10 hours later, I realized that if I did not start helping them pack the apartment we were never going to leave... so I packed with them for the last 3 hours. To make matters worse, the truck was filled to the brim with still about $700 or more of goods (including my dining room table, 4 chairs, all my cleaning supplies, fans, etc left) were left in my apartment. They did not offer to get a larger truck or to get a trailer. They made it to my destination in a timely fashion 1 day later but I only found out when I arrived that they had left behind an art item with very high sentimental value for me that I specifically gave them instructions for packing appropriately and with care. Further, in contacting them after the move for reimbursement for the items that were left behind, my email and a phone call were ignored until in my second email to them a week later I threatened to stop payment to them on my credit card. Overall, the low price was definitely not worth it after the hundreds of dollars of goods I will now have to replace. It was an extremely disappointing and frustrating experience all in all and I wouldn't recommend it.

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