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If you are looking for movers that will put in bare minimum effort to make sure all of your furniture is moved in, insult you, embarrass you in front of your new neighbors, leave your furniture sitting out on the street and who's Managers will defend and enable their unprofessional behavior and lie to you about getting a refund, then these are the guys for you. If you would like to avoid such an unpleasant experience on your first day in your lovely new apartment, want to get your money's worth and start out with a positive impression on your new neighbors, then look somewhere else.

As the movers were moving my couch out of my old apartment, I gave them a head's up that the entrance to my new garden apartment was a bit tight and that they might have a little trouble getting the couch through the front. The lead mover told me not to worry and that he had seen all sorts of difficult moving situations and that there was a solution to any problem. Sure enough, they could not get my couch through the door of my new place so I mentioned that I could talk to my new landlord who lives upstairs to see if he would let them take the couch up through his parlor, out into the patio and in through the backdoor of my apt. The lead mover then took one of the couch cushions, put it up against the back doorway (the long way) and told me that "if this cushion doesn't fit through then the couch won't fit through" and walked away from me. I asked his partner for measuring tape but he never brought any back. When I asked the lead mover for measuring tape the second time, his temper escalated at record speed and began to yell at me telling me that there was no way that couch would fit through. I asked him "how do you know if we haven't even measured it?" His temper became even more explosive. I told him that I wasn't trying to argue with him but was simply trying to have a conversation and asked him why he was getting so angry. He told me that I was asking for the impossible and that I was harassing him and his partner. He then called me a "piece of sh*t." After a series of more insults, I paid him his money, gave them a $75 tip and told them to get out of my face. He continued to scream out "you're a piece of sh*t" (amongst other obscenities) as he walked away and told me to quote him on those insults and proceeded to spell out his name: here I am, fulfilling his request. When I called his manager Alex, he told me that Ziggy has been an employee with the company for 7 years and that I must have said something to upset him and that he would have cursed at me as well if he was in his shoes. He then asked me in the classic fashion of a manipulative bully: "Wouldn't you cuz at someone if they insulted you." I told him that I would never treat a customer that way, regardless of how I was treated by them because it is unprofessional and I would be fired for such behavior. He continued to defend Ziggy but said that he would refund some of my money...I have yet to see that money.

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