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With Cloverdale moving out of Delta, I was charged over double what the original quote was. Then they said it was my fault because I didn't know what my belongings weighed. I told them that we used a 26 ft truck for the last move, so I think they should have been able to make a closer estimate of the weight. I had two places to pick up from, and they picked up from the first place, unloaded what they picked up from one truck into either another truck or a storage place. Then they picked up from the second location and unloaded that stuff somewhereas well. They then had to reload all of the stuff into another truck. (It's no wonder there was damage with handling it so much). They were upset that there was so much stuff and said they could not use the truck they had in mind, so that added another 2 days before delivery. First they said Thursday, then Friday, then Saturday. They did arrive Saturday, but about 3 hours later than promised. When he was preparing the invoice he added costs in for ferry and taxes and other charges that the quote said were included. They wouldn't even start unloading unitl I paid it! There were a lot of damage to the boxes from being squished in the truck and therefore lots of broken items, which they blamed on my packing. They dropped my computer, and denied it. I had left it on the garage floor for them to wrap in a blanket, but found it in a box that they had packed. They said that the box would have been dented if they had dropped it, but they were the ones that put it in the box after damaging it. There is a desk missing which they deny ever seeing. They said maybe they put it in the alley and someone stole it. They refuse to give me their insurance information, saying they need pictures of the damaged computer (can do) and the missing desk. I don't usually take pictures of my furniture, but will try to find something. They said they also want my computer. (Not a chance with personal information on it). The whole experience added a tremendous amount of stress to an already stressful event. They were rude and dishonest. I would never use this company again.

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