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Wow, these guys are awesome. I needed to swap furniture between a second floor bedroom and a lower level bedroom, which meant taking beds apart and shifting dressers, nightstands, etc between three floors. I hired the "Just the Muscle" option. These guys GOT IT DONE. I mean, toolkits out, beds apart (one was an IKEA bed, so you get an idea of how hard THAT was - they go together, they really don't want to come apart!), glass-topped furniture moved and placed where I needed it.

Justin and Bailey arrived right on time and worked like Trojans to get this done. We did go 10 minutes over the estimated hour (stupid IKEA bed) but they hustled to keep it as close as possible. Overage is calculated at the nearest 15 minutes, well worth it. I'm a lawyer, so I understand billing to the nearest 15 minutes! (LOL) They were professional, friendly, and really fast. I'm very impressed. I've never used College Muscle Movers before but I absolutely recommend them. I live at the edge of their service zone, so my travel fees were actually $90 (one hour) plus the $90 hour moving fee, but it was a bargain to pay just over $200 to have them do something I'm certainly not capable of doing myself! Now if they would just make up the beds. 😉

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