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The 10 Best Long Distance Movers in Dallas, TX 2017 (Free

(25 reviews) Our team of employees is made up of individuals you can trust and here's why... Each employee we hire comes to us in the form of a referral. That person passes a background check and a very extensive interview process. Then, we take them around on a few client calls and ask prospective clients how they feel around the individual. We pride ourselves on the fact that nearly 100% of our team is COLLEGE EDUCATED. Not a must by any means, however, we have found, these individuals are great when it comes to conversation, and ensuring your belongings and family is safe!
There are a few big differences in our quote and other moving companies.
1-We use dedicated trucks. Nothing is on the box truck except your items. This gets your belongings to you as fast as legally possible.
Our competitors use semis, the big 18-wheelers. They will have between 5-8 different moves on the semi at the same time. This is why they can't guarantee a specific delivery date. With a competitor, your belongings could take 7-14 days for delivery.
2-Our rate is a flat rate quote. The price doesn't change. We do not go by weight. We charge by the size of the truck.
Our competitors all charge by weight. They give you one price and then demand more money after they load their truck and weigh it. They can quote $1, 800. Then after they weigh the truck, it could be $2900.
I highly recommend reading as many online reviews on anyone that you are considering.
3-The third reason is truly our service! Our customers have voted us the Super Service Award Winner on Angie's List where we are "A" rated. Only 5% of movers win this award...Oh yeah, we have won it NINETEEN times!
4-We plant a tree for every move!
5-We are Accredited and A+ rated by the Better Business Bureau!
6-Our employees are top notch! Nearly all of our guys are college educated! Great guys who care about your move.
Environmentally friendly local & long distance movers in San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, Denver, Kansas City, Dallas, Austin, Houston, OH, Las Vegas, Seattle, Phoenix, Nashville, Atlanta, Tampa, and 24 cities across the U.S.! We plant a tree for every move! We offer moving services in an Environmentally friendly way. We offer full packing services in addition to full moving services. Licensed, Insured, Registered, Certified, Professional Movers! Local and Long Distance.

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