Davis movers

Davis Movers

Davis Movers is a moving company staffed by current and former university students. They use blankets, shrink wrap, and can disassemble stuff so your stuff gets moved wherever without damage. They have lots of experience with moving things into apartments, so if you don't want to haul your desk up two flights of stairs, these guys might be worth a call.


1 Student mover, $35.00 per hour 2 Student movers, $60.00 per hour 1 Full size cargo van - $45 flat 1 16ft moving truck - $75 (within Davis) flat 1 26ft moving truck - $45 per hour

2 hour minimum. $15 gas fee for travel outside of Davis.

Small dorm moves (5 items or less) = $85 flat.

Getting a quote

If you answer a few questions beforehand, they can quote you a flat rate for the move.

  1. What date and time would you like to move (include 2nd date/time)?
  2. What are the addresses, cross streets, city/town/borough + state, zip code? Are there any move in/out time restrictions at either building? Are there any parking restrictions near the front of your building (no standing/parking anytime, bustop or bike lane?)
  3. Are there elevators or stairs (list # of flights of stairs (16 steps are a standard flight)) at each location? Include # of stairs to get to the building entrance or stairs inside apt, narrow stairways or hall; any unusual conditions in getting the elevator like a long distance to get to it, switching elevators within building or stairs to get to service elevator, etc...
  4. What are you moving? List EVERYTHING you can think of; (estimate the # of boxes (sizes?) + bags, include furniture dimensions, please don't be vague).
  5. Are there any conditions worth noting; (very heavy items, oversized items, very fragile or expensive items, etc...)? Does anything need to be disassembled/reassembled? Does anything contain glass or marble?
  6. Do you need 1, 2, 3 or more movers and/or will you provide assistance? All moves performed on the peak days of month (end/beginning of month) require a crew of 2 movers during this period.

The phone number on this page is actually for University Student Movers, a company NOT situated in Davis. Unlike what the website says, however, the service is not quick or employing university students. It started with the weird way my phone calls to the number (on this page) went, fyi I had all of the measurements of my furniture and the addresses of where I was moving from and to. First call, I tell my name and when I want to move and the person on the other line says… uh let me get the paperwork and I’ll call you back BYE. And no call back, so I called again but the person on the other line [whoever it was] continued to act like I was pulling teeth to even make him stay on the line [I had real difficulty even giving essential information, they didn’t even know my apartment numbers until the day I moved]. I felt embarrassed when I had to call back to confirm the booking, because the person on the other line was so rude. Then the day came when the furniture was to be moved, they changed the move time to be 4 hours before the time we had agreed upon (and actually wanted to start 5 hours earlier, But I was still organizing my apartment for the move). When they arrived, they lurked around looking at the furniture complaining that they were all so big for a good 10 minutes [it's furniture in a one bedroom apartment...] and complained about getting a trailer even though I had asked for one over the phone and told the measurements of the biggest pieces as well. Then Shawn/Rashawn (the owner of the company) was rude to me about my decisions about what to do with my furniture (regarding I didn’t want to keep a table, and where I was positioning my furniture in my new apartment). Not to mention, he carried very little from the vans to my apartment. He would just tell his employee to carry everything with a huge attitude and stayed in the parking lot talking on the phone. Making the move last a lot longer, and I paid for 2 movers by the hour not one. Then I thought it was all over, I gave Rashawn my email so I could get the invoice to pay for the service [which I received a few days later, no biggie]. But then I see this at the bottom of email:

“P.S. You have some big boobs, what's up with that?

I’m not kidding. That is real. So please PLEASE do not call these guys. They’re absolutely horrible!

First off, this person (alyssap) is very unstable. A class III schizoid with little to no interest in the world around her. He mind creates feigned delusions and her cognitive development seems to have stopped around 12 years old. She also has a fixed-interval schedule meaning she redirects frustration and act aggressively toward others characterized by disruptive patterns of thought and functioning. She also seems to have a serious narcissistic personality disorder. As she called us to move her in the middle of busiest moving week of the year… with a two days notice. Then repeatedly calls “to check ” that we still remember her address and furniture measurements.

Now let me address some of her distorted thoughts, one- by-one.

1. Davis movers is part of the universitystudentmovers.com network. A Berkeley student run website. We connect people with a reliable movers in any area. From Boston to Palo Alto.

2. Phone calls are forwarded to local movers in your area. We do not have a call center where people sit around taking orders. Movers/students are busy people. And sometimes cannot take orders while working and get irritated when you keep calling back with furniture measurements.

3. During the busiest moving week of the year (Aug), we sometime ask customers if we can change a scheduled move time. As many people do not have to be out of their rentals until late or the next day. As the only moving service in Davis with vehicles, we get a lot of people calling in crying and begging us to move them last min. So naturally, we try to accommodate them.

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