Dependable Auto Shippers

Dependable Auto Shippers (DAS)

Here is my ordeal with DAS: Move Guides, a Global Relocation Company based out of London, U.K and San Francisco USA was contracted by my wife's employer to transport our car from Mississauga, ON, CANADA to Vancouver, BC CANADA. Following are the list of companies that were involved in the transportation of the automobile.

1. Move Guides: Our Primary Contact for the transportation of the car.
2. Dependable Auto Shippers (DAS), Dallas, TX: Company hired by Move Guides to transport the car.
3. AA Auto Transport Service, San Diego, CA: Company subcontracted by DAS to do the transportation.
4. Livingston Transport, Vaughn, ON, CANADA: Company hired by AA Automobile to pick up the car from my residence in Mississauga.
5. CN Rail CANADA: The Freight service that transported the car from Mississauga to Vancouver.

6. Canuck Towing, Vancouver BC: The company that picked up the car from CN Rail in Vancouver.

The car was picked up on 26 October, 2016 and loaded on to CN freight train on 29 October, 2016. The car arrived in Vancouver sometime in the week of 15 November, 2016. I had arranged for the delivery of the car in Vancouver on 17 November, 2016. I waited until the evening of 16 November, 2016 and contacted Move Guides about the status of the delivery but they were not in a position to give me the status of the vehicle delivery.

I then took the matter into my own hands. Started my own search by calling Livingston Transport, the company that initially picked up the car and worked my way by spending about 2 hours on the phone to locate the car. To my shock, I was told by AA Auto Transport Service in San Diego that my vehicle will not be released until DAS called them and request to deliver the vehicle. In the meanwhile I sent an email to Move Guides, my primary contact to let them know that the vehicle was already in Vancouver since they were not able to update about the status of the vehicle. On Tuesday, 22 November, 2016, I received a call from Monica of DAS and was told that the vehicle has been impounded by AA Auto Transport Service in Vancouver due to a previous unrelated issue they have with DAS. My vehicle is yet to be delivered by DAS.

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