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Unlike other moving/storage companies we have dealt with in the past, Ian and JK moving was always very professional and courteous. Ian was very flexible and helped us during our transition back to the area with storing our items and arranging delivery of them. The delivery team (Daniel, Nathaniel, Carlos and Jose ) were very attentive to our personal Items and careful when unpacking our items in our new home. By preparing the floors the stairs and taking their time unpacking the items. When items appeared damaged (No fault to JK Moving)they brought it to our attention took pictures and put them aside for the necessary claim process. I look forward to doing business with JK to n the future and f the need arises. Thanks for making a stressful situation enjoyable. Sincerely, T&K N.

Part 1: 4 Stars JK is actually packing my apt as I type this & they seem efficient, professional, and cautious in handling my worldly goods. They guy who did our estimate came across as someone I could trust with my Le Creuset enabled pots and All-Clad, my most precious item. And he was super flexible with some of the quirks regarding our move. And the movers arrived EARLY! Like, yes. The major fail so far is my oversight in buying amenities for the movers. It's only polite, I think, that they guys doing the heavy lifting have access to Gatorade, at least. My bad, y'all. This will be my second long distance move with JK. They were pretty good last time and appear to be on track to exceed expectations again. Part 2: 2ish Stars 85% of my stuff arrived on time (at the end of the delivery window) and in good condition. I only say 85% because a beloved floor lamp is still missing, a few furniture pieces arrived damaged, and I ended up with a few things that were not mine. This end of the move definitely inspired less love for JK. Final: 3 stars

Inquired on 4/17 about moving costs, promptly received an email with the requested information. Spoke to a woman to set up movers for 4/29 at 4:00. She took my credit card information for a security deposit, implied we were good to go, and didn't ask for anything further. I started to have a bad feeling as 3:00 rolled around on 4/29 with no contact from the movers. By 4:00 I still heard nothing and their office had already closed for the day so I had no way to get in touch. Movers never showed. I had a reassembled couch in the hallway already that had needed disassembled earlier in the day to get it out of the unit so I ended up having to rush to a U-haul before they closed and enlisting help from friends on ridiculously short notice. Unless you are being forced to use them against your will, I would only consider hiring JK Moving for my enemies. JK Moving, where apparently the JK stands for Just Kidding.

Use this company if you want 10%of your items lost and 20% broken. And the non English speaking workers putting everything in the wrong place because they don't know ONE WORD of English and you have to have other workers return to begrudgingly put it where it does belong.., oh, but the ones that DO speak English ask if you FIGHT your dogs or would like to. Low class third world sludge

Outstand experience, would recommend without hesitation. They made a stressful move far easier. They were careful with our belongings, professional, and redefined what we have to come to expect from a moving company. Thank you JK!

This was certainly not a good experience. During the move, the movers caused significant damage to our front door and door frame. After the move was completed, we forwarded the pictures to JK to begin the process of being made whole. Unfortunately, their Claims Assistant informed us that they were going to deny liability. It wasn't because that they didn't incur the damage (they don't deny that), but they denied liability based on a "Performance Confirmation" document that was allegedly signed. This didn't jive because we were given copies of everything signed (inventory listing, bill of lading, Additional Services). Nothing we signed waived liability, and I knew not to sign anything waiving liability because of the damage to our front door at the point of origin. Obviously, I am not too impressed with their operation and would highly recommend staying away.

Cheaters and thieves. They dinged my furniture piece badly. I saw it with my own my eyes. The furniture piece cost over $2000; they offered me $50 after attempting to wiggle out of responsibility. Would not get back to me for over a month! Forged the paperwork. The most deceptive and unethical people I've ever dealt with. I am 100% going to file a complaint with Bureau of Consumer Protection. I am even contemplating to take it to arbitration just out of principle and be damn sure to hire a very good lawyer. This company is a joke, just like their name. Re: response from JK Moving: this is a blunt lie. I was copied on all communication with your company, which you will have a really hard time contesting. Your CEO did have a conversation with SDG and was rude, deceptive, and made absolutely no effort to rectify the situation. Your services are atrocious. Also, why does it matter who hired you!?! You are delivering MY furniture. So worthless.

Fantastic job! We had a short window of opportunity to move my mother in law from her home into assisted living and JK did it right. They packed up her worn furniture as if it was precious antiques, hauled it off to the apartment 50 miles away, unpacked it all and put it wherever my indecisive little heart wanted it. Marcos and his team were excellent and the only tiny complaint I have is that they showed up one hour too early! Definitely would recommend them and use them again.

I'm a realtor in NoVA and have referred many of my clients to JK Moving Services. ALL of my clients have been extremely satisfied with their JK experience from beginning to end. Recently, I used JK Moving myself for my own house move and was equally impressed. Clarke Mahek worked with me individually to plan, estimate, and schedule my move. The price estimate was more than reasonable and the moving team professional. They showed up on time and had my possessions (mostly valuable antique furniture) packed, loaded, transported, and carefully placed in my new home ahead of schedule. Having this extra time really helped ease the timing to prepare my house for incoming tenants. THANK YOU Clarke & JKMoving Services!!

I listed a property for sale and JK Movers contacted me as a result seeking my business. It may be smart, but I think that's an invasion of privacy. Someone shouldn't be utilizing the MRIS system (not public - it's a system for residential real estate agents) for this use. I'm guessing it violates the rules of the MRIS system.

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