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I had such an amazing experience with Lee's Moving, that they have earned a customer for life in me! Though, I hope I won't be moving again anytime soon (sorry not sorry)! I sought out Lee's upon the recommendation of my realtor after having a meh experience with another moving company a couple of months ago. I had to move twice in two months - once out of the house I sold in June, and into a storage unit; and once out of the storage unit and into the new house I bought in August. I've had enough packing and moving and unpacking for at least 10 years! But anyway. I talked to someone (I can't recall his name) at Lee's sometime in July about my move in June - what went wrong, how we could avoid any of those issues again, etc. He was incredibly helpful. The main issue I had with the other moving company was that they filled their truck but didn't empty my house, so I was left with doing a good amount of moving on my own. The gentleman at Lee's suggested we book a second box truck, just to make sure we get everything in one trip. He said it sounded like Lee's biggest truck would be bigger than my other moving company's truck, and he said it would most likely fit everything in my storage unit, but he said for some peace of mind, it's only another $100 for a second truck, and if anything, it could make loading and unloading faster. So, the quote I got from him was $1200, four movers, 7-8 hours. This was actually about the same I ended up paying for my first meh move, but already this was sounding like a better and more prepared job. So I booked them. Moving day comes, and they only showed up about 15 minutes late. I was just starting to get worried when they pulled into the storage unit. I lead them up to our unit, which was very big, and had roll-up doors on both sides of the unit. I think they parked a truck on each side, and unloaded from both sides of the unit. I sat there while they unloaded my storage unit and I think it only took about an hour or hour and a half!! It went very fast with 4 guys and a properly sized truck! (And an extra truck!) The four guys (their names escape me, so sorry) were very nice, and brought items over to my car that they felt would be safer for me to transport (small things like record players, lamps, etc). I had to leave shortly before they were finished to pick up my daughter and my niece, but they said they would lock up my storage unit for me and bring me the key when they met me at the new house. (There were some items they were not permitted to transport, like the propane tanks and lawnmower, so we were going to have to come back with my pickup for those anyway.) So a little while later they pulled up to my new house, which (thankfully, for me, and for them!) has a HUGE barn. I asked them to unload furniture into the house, and boxes, stacked by room, into the barn. I think this might have made things much faster for...

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