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Hercules Movers & Packers

553 W 38th St
Houston, TX 77018
(281) 407-3038

I was moving from Midtown to Montrose earlier this month and wanted professional help with my move. I looked up local movers and stumbled upon Hercules Movers & Packers. They had good reviews so I gave them a call for a quote. They were competively priced and had availability. I actually had to move the date a couple of times due to scheduling changes on my part, and their customer service agents were extremely friendly and flexible. On the morning of the move, they did not disappoint. They arrived on time, were extremely professional, were efficient, and helped ensure a smooth move into my new place. If you are moving within the Houston area, I'd highly recommend Hercules Movers & Packers.

I'd never used any movers before, so I didn't know what to expect. I guess I expected a couple of dudes to pick up my stuff and toss it on a truck like baggage handlers for United Airlines. But they didn't. They wrapped everything carefully- but they didn't take their time, either. They were quick and efficient. I wish I'd remembered the foreman's name, but he told me a couple of times he was anxious to get everything done on time to save me money. In summary, I didn't know what to expect. I set the bar low. They exceeded my expectations, and I'll definitely call them when I'm moving again. It's worth a little money to save your back and time to trust these guys.

Hercules Movers really came thru for me in a bad situation. After getting several quotes, despite my initial instinct, I ended up going with the cheapest company based on their price alone and ignored some online reviews I saw hoping my experience would be different. After calling me throughout the day and saying they were running later and later, it would have been 7pm before the movers got there, so I cancelled with them and called Hercules back. Larry was really helpful, honored the same pricing he had quoted me before and explained to me why these companies can offer prices so much cheaper than the reputable ones - makes perfect sense now. Everything about my experience with Hercules was painless. The movers were every bit as quick and professional as Larry promised and as far as I'm concerned, got it done quicker than I expected under the best circumstances. I learned my lesson about choosing a company based on the hourly price alone. Highly recommend you use these guys and let them impress you the way they did me.

Very good at Packaging furniture, but Far Too Expensive. Pay very close attention to your phone briefing before move because everything is recorded and they will not hesitate acknowledging what has been explained to you. ( no trash bags, no milk crates, etc. ) even my ottoman was wrapped up in blankets. In my opinion, OVERKILL. I declined their offer of a $15 discount for giving a Yelp review in person with the movers, and I also declined their survey. Too much pressure for me. Larry, a customer service rep called me immediately after movers departed to address my concerns. I expressed I'd likely never hire Hercules again because of their extensive pricing. On behalf of Hercules he offered me a $50 Visa card. A drop in the bucket in comparison to my cost of $770 to move 1.5 bedrooms. I was quoted $460, high end. I likely will not receive gift card after this review, but expressing my disdain is more important to me so that perhaps some struggling college kid doesn't get stuck with these prices. Once again I'll say this.the Prices are Too High! That is All.

I might not be that good in making judgments, but there are certain things that I am sure about. Just like with our experience with Hercules Movers, Luis and his crew were excellent! They arrived on time and started the job promptly. Everything was packed in just a few hours and they made sure nothing was damaged. We were in awe of how incredibly well they wrapped all of the furniture before putting it into the truck. It was really impressive! When they arrived to our new house they brought everything into the correct room. In fact, all the items were carefully checked to see if there were scratches or any damage to my breakables. I must say, this is THE best moving company to use in Houston. I will never hesitate to recommend them to anyone, especially Luis and his helpers, you guys are the best!

Very happy about Hercules service. Christian and the other two (I didn't catch their names) were friendly, efficient, and wrapped up my items with care. The price was reasonable. Thanks guys!

I was extremely happy with this move. They took care to wraps all of my furniture to ensure nothing was scratched, dented or torn. I would use them again, in fact they are moving my storage unit to my new home as I type. These are the heaviest and most expensive item I own and I trust them to Hercules!

Quick, NICE... ABOVE AND BEYOND.., I will use them again and refer them to any of MY customers Mary- Bluebonnet Estate Sales

Alex, Javier, and Joe at Hercules were amazing, the best movers I've ever had. Incredibly friendly and pleasant to work with, they had obviously worked with each other before which was made obvious by how efficiently and quick they all worked together. The whole transaction with Hercules from beginning to end, starting with the quote from Darrin, was easy and went better than expected. We moved from Houston to the DFW area, and they worked feverishly from the minute they walked in to get everything packed up, wrapped up, loaded and unloaded in what had to be record time. The movers put us at ease immediately, introducing themselves immediately, and had a positive and helpful attitude throughout the entire day. When they got to our new home, the professionalism in which they protected the new house before taking anything in was really nice - they put floor coverings down, covered the door jambs and even hung some cardboard along some walls. I've used a number of other moving companies before, and they did a way better job of protecting my furniture, and used moving blankets to wrap the items from head to toe making sure nothing would be hurt. I would give these guys 6 stars if I could, we had an above-average experience with the crew and staff from Hercules Movers. From the big things you expect to the little, unexpected moments that show what great customer service they have, they definitely get it.

I had to hire someone to check the damage. Still unable to see beds, dryer and some other large items.

My husband and I have always moved on our own or with the help of family. I knew my husband would be swamped with work and had no clue who to hire for moving help. I had seen ads from a few trucks from their company on N Shepherd, and I figured I'd give them a call after looking at their great reviews. Luis, Leo, and Orlin were a pleasure to work with! I am very impressed with the service received.

Luis, Neymar and yunier were an excellent team. They were on time, quick and efficient with my move. I would definitely recommend them and use their services for my next move.

Did a great job movies gallery us. Nothing broke.. They were very careful and mindful of our things . Would use them and highly recommend Hercules movers.

They came in and got to work right away. Wrapped everything securely and safely. Move was very quick, both loading and unloading. They did not try to stall to make extra coin. Overall, worth the money.

Thank you Joseph, Jordy and Ryan for your professionalism and courtesy. The team worked together with efficiency and skill all while keeping us informed of each step being made. Time was taken to make sure our household items were packaged properly and loaded with care. The whole process from intake to end was spot on. No surprises. Thank you, Hercules Movers and Packers (Nutty Professor "Hercules" clap! Yay!) The Martin Family Richmond, TX

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